jcMoto KTM Swing Arm Spools.


jcMoto swing-arm spools are a great addition if you’re using a paddock stand but they work really well as crash protection to. A must have if you need to keep that Duke crash protected.

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Product Description

The jcMoto KTM swing arms spools are a great value add to the KTM Duke ┬áif you use a paddock stand to put your bike up for a chain lube or a regular service. But more than that they’re great protection for your swing-arm when you go down. We’ve made sure that the swing-arm spools are slightly bigger than the competition so you not only get a hitch point but get that added protection. They are designed especially for the KTM Duke series but they will fit most other motorcycle swing arms that have a 10×1.25 thread in it.



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