jcMoto Mini Tyre Irons


At 8” long these drop forged tyre irons that are flat on one side and curved on the other, are not only durable but really easy to carry. They slip right in to the Viaterra- Garage 52 Tool Roll Pro, but will also fit into pretty much any tool kit or pouch of your choice. Handy when you’re riding off the beaten path and need to fix that gnarly flat.

*sold as a set

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Product Description

We needed a set of Tyre Irons to fit our  Viaterra- Garage 52 Tool Roll Pro for when we headed off the beaten path away from your friendly neighbourhood puncture-walla. With everything in the market either too big or too expensive, we decided to custom make a set for us. We’ve tested them in all kind of situations and we absolutely love em coz  when you’re done opening your tire, they can even pop open a cold one.

*Some of our friends weren’t big fan of elbow grease, so we found  them an easy hack that makes gives these 8” levers work just as easy as a 12” lever would. Look at the pics for more info.



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